Fagrådet – Rusfeltets hovedorganisasjon/ Norwegian Addiction Federation

Norwegian Addiction Federation was established in 1991 as a political and professional members organisation. Our members are organisations and institutions with substance addiction as their field of interest. Our vision is: Diverse, accessible and integrated services within a unified field of substance addiction work.

Our purpose nationally is to unify services and organisations. Our main strategies are discussions, highlighting and conveying experiences, both professional and of those who recieve the services. We also aim to voice the political consequences of the present government, to work toward the best possible organisational, professional and economical conditions for drug rehabilitation and addiction treatment.

Norwegian Addiction Federation is the largest and most representative federation in Norway formed by nearly 150 organisations and services. The Federation is religiously neutral as well as politically independent.

Norwegian Addiction Federation is lead by a board of elected representatives. The board is comprised of a president and eight members. In addition the Federation includes two employees, a chief executive officer and an advisor to the CEO. The head office is situated in Oslo.

Norwegian Addiction Federation/ Fagrådet – Rusfeltets hovedorganisasjon
Address: Nedre Slottsgate 7, 0157 Oslo
E-mail: fagraadet@rusfeltet.no
Website: www.rusfeltet.no
Phone: +47 22424477

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